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Recent Projects

Masonry Heaters

Hillsdale, NY

The beautiful cherry floors were already in and, on the tiled footprint an old wood stove was to be replaced. Southbay Quartzite was chosen as the facing stone because the tone of that veneer stone complemented both the floor and the kitchen floor tile. Marble cap stones keep the mass light feeling.

Working closely with the craftsmen owner, this custom design features see-through doors for viewing from both the living and dining rooms. One bypass damper allows for 4 season baking directly in the oven and for quick start-ups in the Fall and Spring. The second routes heat through the bench for maximum heat output. The design includes a bluestone niche, behind Dad and a woodstorage area beside him. Able help was provided by apprentice, Antoine Guerlain.

Leverett, Mass.

This ground floor heater features "clipped" corners, tinted mortar to match an arts center, where the owner works and a slope-backed heated bench which the owners used while cross country skiing at Notchview (see page 3 of our brochure)

Chesterfield, Mass.

This custom heater resides in an underground house and doubles as an oven and breakfast bar. You could also stretch out for a nap on the 3" thick soapstone top. There are stepped out bricks on either side of the firebox for warming soapstone slabs that can be carried to remote areas of the home as foot/bed warmers.

Conway, Mass.

The focal point of this corner unit is faces the living room. We made special cuts to weave the 45 deg. angles, using a lovely used brick. We built in 2 cup shelves around the corner and the right side of the heated benches offers lovely views through a large slider.

Granby, Conn.

Working with Erik Nilsen of Thermal Mass, Inc., we built this soapstone heater in January of '06, just in time to have the coldest part of the winter to follow! Behind it was a heatilator fireplace that was gutted to accommodate a chimney retro-fit for the project.

Windsor, Mass.

Using MHA plans we built this small contraflow heater in a timber frame addition for writer/poet owners in neighboring Windsor. The stone above the door was chosen for its likeness to the surrounding hills and features a large fossil imprint.

This double sided heater complex in an 19th century colonial restoration project in Southampton, MA has a brick dining room side and a river rock living room side with an 8' heated granite bench.

Dalton, Mass.

This owner builder wanted the option of woodstove heating. Note the radial arch enclosure behind. The chimney above features a flush herringbone panel.

Richmond, Mass.

These customers took advantage of a "2 look" option for their central hearth. From the living room the view is dramatic stone: a warm, traditional brick, oven side is in the kitchen. The interface between the brick and stone sides gave us some opportunity to be creative at the break-

Peru, Mass.

This brick and soapstone heater has an enclosed wood waiter that brings up wood from the walk out basement. Arts and crafts style details reflect the details of this lovely Benson timber frame house. The soapstone bench back is sloped and the seat is shaped for comfort.

South Williamstown.

The owners wanted their stone fireplaces to be the centerpiece of their addition, so we hand picked the 1,300 pound lintel and 800 lb jamb stones for the ballroom fireplace at the quarry. We replicated this detail in the bedroom fireplace at 2/3 scale.

This project required 27 tons of granite. Joint size is no greater that 1/4".

Stamford, Vermont.

This fireplace is a Morrocan design for art conservator friends. We custom cut natural quartzite and used it as a thin veneer.

Plainfield, Mass.

This fireplace is the centerpiece of the family room and incorporates antique brick, salvaged from the building and soapstone lintel and hearth. Its insulated Rumford firebox keeps the room toasty, as well as cheery.

Windsor, Mass.

The owners wanted an exterior fireplace until we explained the virtue of keeping the mass inside the building envelope, both aesthetically and functionally. This Rumford style fireplace uses stone from Skyline Quarry in CT. Local Ashfield stone was used for the lintel and hearth. Rock climbing, anyone?

Eastham, Mass.

The owners had a smoky fireplace they were unhappy with. We removed it and installed this one using principles derived from fluid dynamic experiments done by British physicist, Peter Rosin in the '30's. No more smoke. Just more heat.

Plainfield, Mass.

We used local Goshen stone to build this private patio and steps, surrounded by a brook and Hemlocks.

Cummington, Massachusetts

MA Lic. 065922                         MHA Cert. 003

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